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AfterThis.... Webster's Tale
Webster's Tale, building him up

(rebuilding strong foundations)

A very capable executive in a big company. Webster had recently been promoted into a very senior and high profile job.

Despite having all the qualifications, experience and potential necessary he found that the extra, high level, exposure, the requirement for quick, flexible thinking and the need to be able to carry people with him was overwhelming.

He was radically underperforming. From a position where his career was accelerating upwards he was now in danger of being fired. Truly he was drinking in the last chance saloon.

A friend suggested that he approach us.

We went to meet him to find out if we could help him and to let him discover that he wanted to work with us. We worked with him over a series of sessions to help him to regain his lost confidence. We passed on some extra tools and techniques that would enable him to tap into hidden resources so that he could do all of the new things required of him - at a very high level.

He flew like a bird. Webster’s career is back on track.