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AfterThis.... Stacy's Story
Stacy, letting her blossom into the artist that she always was

Stacy was a sales rep for a publishing company.

She was a bright and lively individual who was having major problems in work (and outside of it, although that only became apparent later). She was seriously underperforming, her job was in danger.

We were approached by her employers as a last ditch attempt to save her job.

Stacy’s biggest problem was that she lacked confidence in her potential, her abilities and had low self esteem. All of this contributed to an amazing capacity for making bad decisions.

We set about helping her to :
∙ improve her performance
∙ discover what she really wanted to do with her life

Over a series of 2 hour coaching sessions we did some exercises and explored things like :
∙ creating future vison for life
∙ giving her techniques for making decisions that she could trust
∙ giving her ways to build resolve to be able to follow through on decisions
∙ providing resource anchors into positive emotional states for when things got tough

The outcome actually lead to a complete change of career direction. Stacy was able to get back in touch with here first love - a passion for art and design. She successfully set up a new career for herself following that passion.

We also found out later that she had developed sufficient confidence and resolve to end a damaging and limiting relationship that had been holding her back.