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AfterThis .... The Programme

Interactive Seminars & Individual Coaching

Step 1 : The Seminar.
A mix of expert inputs and guidance including :

  • Personal experiments
  • Personal / individual blocks to change
  • Personal motivational strategies
  • Accessing the resources you didn't know you had
  • Defining an ideal future
  • Dealing with blocks
  • Problem solving
    creative problem solving
    rational / deductive problem solving
  • Planning your ideal future
    planning for success
    planning when you don't have all the facts or resources yet

Find out more
You can use the links here to read about some of our successes and to read a more detailed account of how we help people initiate, manage and deal with change in business.

Some of our Successes : Stories and Examples
The Inner Business of Successful Change (pdf document)

Step 2 : Optional Follow-up Support / Individual Coaching

An opportunity to work one-to-one with us for more focused support and help. We can work face to face or remotely over the telephone or via email / computer links.


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