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Just a few places where you might find resources or other items of interest.
Some of them will will be business related, some more to do with lifestyle and philosophy.

You might be interested to find our more about our business/corporate related activities. You can find out all about them at our sister website :
Inner Business

For a slightly more unorthodox perspective on life you might try :
The Thoughtbeing
Who offers some alternative and sometimes unusual views

If your interests lie more in the direction of metaphysics and philosophy and you want a very different view on life and business you should try :
Living Magically
Gill Edwards has a very interesting perspective on life and on one's ability to take control of one's destiny

For those of you who like to take an alternative view of life and have a tekkie compartment in your soul.
you might enjoy : XKCD -
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.  It's updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday