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AfterThis.... John's Metamorphosis
John's metamorphosis into fully fledged success


John was a man who had become deeply dissatisfied with his, very successful, career. He was in desperate need of a change but didn’t know how to find a way forward.

We worked with John in a series of one-to-one coaching sessions over a period of a few months. We had three sessions in all, they were followed up by a number of telephone conversations to stay in touch and to provide help and encouragement.

We started by doing some exploration to discover what he REALLY wanted to do and from there to give him a way to explore possibilities and make plans.

It became clear that part of John’s problem was his lack of confidence in his ability to embark on a new career in a completely different field. This is an issue which many of us might recognise :

“I’ve been doing this all my life, I can’t do anything else...”

We did some work to help John to become fully aware of his capabilities and to make some detailed plans for changing his like which he could evaluate. He was then in a good position to make a decision about what to do.

Having decided we worked on building the resolve to carry it through.

The outcome was that John set up a successful business in an entirely new field. He regained his enthusiasm and general joie-de-vive. He also discovered the spin off benefits of being his own boss and the flexibility which that gave him so his overall quality of life improved.