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AfterThis.... Jane's Story (part 1)
Jane and the joy of scuba

(or : It’s never too late)

As a newly qualified scuba diving instructor I found myself, some years ago, sitting next to Jane at a dinner party. Our host had been asking me how my instructor training was going and I was able to tell her that I’d just qualified and finished by saying “....... so if any of you want a lesson....”

Jane immediately pipes up “Yes please.”

Jane was (and is) a retired lady of advanced years and very ample proportions. Definitely not the sort of person who you would normally associate with taking up a pastime which qualifies as a dangerous sport !

I was somewhat taken aback but nevertheless, impressed by her obvious enthusiasm, moved into teacher mode and described how I could set up a try-dive session at a local pool and what would be involved. She was determined to go ahead.