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AfterThis.... Cliff learns to fly high
Cliff learns how to become a high flyer


Working for one of the big high street retailers Cliff had been hovering at just below board level for some time. It was believed that he could have director potential but before he could be considered he needed to meet a complex set of criteria.

Unfortunately, despite performing quite brilliantly in most fields, he was consistently let down by his performance in the areas of :

  • imagination / creativity, his ability to come up with original thinking and ideas
  • a tendency to jump to premature conclusions
  • a need to be more flexible and to allow others to perform in their own way

We undertook some coaching sessions where we explored his personal motivations. We were able to help him to understand the key drivers which were limiting his performance.

From there we could give him a way to change them.
We helped him to build motivation and resolve.
And gave him some additional tools to get results, particularly in creative thinking.

He was able to report back that he’d gone back into the office and come up with an idea for dealing with a new problem that he “....never would have in a thousand years.” Which really surprised his colleagues. He told us “ I wish I’d done this course years ago.”